April 15, 2009


So I took my aunt and uncle down to the Alamo and Riverwalk today, to do the tourist thing (which I love doing anyhow). I hoped somehow to get to do the Ripley's/Tomb Raider/ Haunted House combo, but I knew that wasn't gonna happen. Well it turns out today was tax day, and a quandajillion people decided to throw a "tea party" and protest. I was confused, however, because while some were wanting accountability for the bailouts we've been handing out (which is a reasonable concern), I saw signs for not paying taxes at all, some bible pushers, a guy spouting about revealing the reptilian enemy, and a guy who looked an awful like a barbershop singer. On the ride home we were listening to the radio, and heard the reporter more or less ask, "Why are you here today?". The woman didn't respond at first, and after several pauses said "Something's gotta be done." It just came off as someone who didn't know why they were protesting. I'm all for protesting. I (think) most of my tax dollars go towards supporting a government that allows me to voice my concerns. But come on lady, know what you stand for.

Like me, right now I stand for this:

and this:

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