August 19, 2015


Speed Demon Google

Not super happy with this, so I'll probably take the concept into a program that isn't Flash (was gonna animate the smoke, but got bored). Kinda frustrating trying to work with the type and shapes, so this is more of a progress point for future me to reference.

June 30, 2015


(For some thematic music, listen to this while you read)

I enjoy a good board game now and again, and I really enjoy making stuff for no reason whatsover. Sometimes I get t combine the two. In this game, everyone was aboard a pirate ship:

After remaining hidden aboard the cultist's ship, our heroes reveal themselves in a daring maneuver to save their NPC friend from certain death. Aware that the enemy is on board, the cultist captain summons a legendary Kraken to bring down the ship, and with it, the mighty heroes. Cultists are bonkers for sacrificing themselves and summoning giant monsters, so this was a win-win in their book. Whilst swords clash on deck, massive inky tentacles rise from the briny depths, spraying a salty mist as they erupt on all sides. The sun is shadowed by the immense wriggling mass, as the Kraken's appendages begin to grab and fling sailors with little effort. It begin's slamming into the ship's hull, eventually splitting her in half, and dragging her to the deep below.