June 30, 2015


(For some thematic music, listen to this while you read)

After remaining hidden aboard the cultist's ship, our heroes reveal themselves in a daring maneuver to save their NPC friend from certain death. Aware that the enemy is on board, the cultist captain summons a legendary Kraken to bring down the ship, and with it, the mighty heroes. Cultists are bonkers for sacrificing themselves and summoning giant monsters, so this was a win-win in their book. Whilst swords clash on deck, massive inky tentacles rise from the briny depths, spraying a salty mist as they erupt on all sides. The sun is shadowed by the immense wriggling mass, as the Kraken's appendages begin to grab and fling sailors with little effort. It begin's slamming into the ship's hull, eventually splitting her in half, and dragging her to the deep below.

April 19, 2015

Fighting the Undead Again

Every once in a while I get roped in to doing some acting at the Haunted House I worked at for a long time. Conceptually I have a lot of ideas for it, but for many reasons they'll probably never see light. Anyhoo, took a few pics of the costume (and the riot shield I made), and shopped one of the images for fun

March 11, 2015

SJ Winston Vector Sketch

Played around with some vector stuff tonight at the weekly art night I attend. Did a comp in Illustrator, just to get some colors down, practice that pen tool.