RIOT Shield

So I'm working an event in which I am a SWAT member sort of guy. I decided I wanted a riot shield, and so I made one. I used those foam mats for garage floors for stabilitiy, and made the front out of an acryllic sheet from hobby lobby (40% off with that phone app!). I bought black spray paint for use on plastic surfaces, and made the window trim out of extra mat foam. I found the lettering at wal mart (the "O" is actually a frankenstein made of two letter "C"s). The battle damage is white paint dry brushed on, and I'll probably scrape it up a bit more tonight. Enjoy:

Tiki Party Prep

I've been super interested in the art and design of the 50's and 60's. The sleek design as well as the kitchy decor. I've always dug the Tiki stuff, and after learning about it's history, I became more intrigued. The idea that a culture was co-opted and sold to suburban Americans as exotic is really fascinating. I've always wanted to do a super cheesy backyard luau, and it's finally happening. It's a few weeks away but I started playing with some ideas. I had some patterned paper I got at a hobby store years ago, one sheet of which was wood planks. I cut the sides to give the individual planks the illusion of depth and weathering, and mimicked a tiki typeface to make a sign to go over the bar.

Animated Emails!

So this week I got to play around and throw an animation into the email for work. I wanted to loop it, but figuring out image sizes and everything made that kind of hard. It was a real subtle fade in of the question mark (I looped this gif just for show). But now that I'm re-familiarized with animating in photoshop I can try and do more in the future