April 14, 2009

Tuesday Update

Well at this point I'm supposed to be in my "typography" class, but it seems like there is no organization in there. We had a project due today, but we can turn it in at midterms? And we're kind of working on an assignment in class, but we can leave freely, or not work on the stuff we haven't been taught. I don't mind too much, but I thought I'd learn how to make some fonts on the computer. Guess not.

I was actually a little late today for the class because Ryan and I, along with my buddy Patrick, were filming another installment for The Furniture District, which can be found over on the you tubes. Here's hoping that comes along. I'm also slooowly trying to get my website lookin' a little more profesh, but I'm not sure how to go about doin' that. Maybe some glittery GIFs will do the trick...

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