November 05, 2009

Halloween has come and gone...

Hey folks, now that the holiest of holidays is out of the ways, I can start posting some more work. This is just a couple of things I did for school that I thought looked more finalized than everything else.

First off, a layout mock up for the fictional "Science Today", with a center spread on Thaddeus Venture.

Some mock up bags for Whole Foods trying to promote reusable bags.

And something I doodled at work, and thought it was kinda funny...This week I'm working on the logo for our class' newly named "Skull Storm Studios" (which is the name I nominated....), and hopefully a book cover for "Alice in Wonderland" for a contest they're having here at school. Let's see if I can get all that done on top of everything else I've got due. Anyhoo, later.

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