July 16, 2009

Back to School

Well, that was a quick three weeks of summer vay-cay. Back to the old grindin' mill. Yup. Not much new tha- ok, I gave in and started playing W0W. I'm sorry. Ok? Don't judge me. Leave the judgin' to Jesus and Judy, that's what I always say. Sometimes. Anyway, I threw this together in class, while we were going over the syllabus and what not:

I also did some sketching in a few classes during the mandatory "git sitchuate" phase. As I've been reading "The Hobbit" again, I figured I'd do an imagining of Gollum. It turned out to be the sketch I like most in that drawing pad.

Then a concept character for "The Soul Patch":

Other Things on my plate to get done are:

1) Label concept for a friend's Pulp Fiction themed beer

2) A logo design for a 20's flapper themed ball here in town.

3) Build a Chupacabra monster for a short film I wanna shoot.

Oh, and I need some cash. Checks are fine also.

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