June 22, 2009

Keepin' busy in the summer

I'm officially on summer break from the Art Institute. I mean, sure, i'm still working, but my days off are actually days off now. I'm trying to keep busy, creatively at least. Still haven't finished Crackdown or Windwaker, but I'm pumping out some material. Last week I made whip cream from scratch, and last night I stitched a tunic. But as far as art-art goes (the general basis of this blog), I got this stuff done.

For one, I've been wanting to do some painting. I was really influenced by the painting of Jim Darkmagic by Mike (Gabe) from Penny-Arcade when he did it, and I've been wanting to do some Haunted Mansion portraits lately. My buddy Sean did some painting a while back for the Toy Joy art show, and while I also started to paint something for that, I never finished. Anyway, today I went to the art store, and picked up some basic oil paints and canvas board stuff. Here's the first go, as it sits now:

I also conceptualized and directed Toy Joy's first ever commercial, of which I'm kinda proud. So check that out. Like now.

And finally, I've got a project up my sleeve I've talked to several friends about. It's not quite ready, but here's something that I made for it:

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