May 01, 2009

X-Men Origins: Wolverine Review

I'm a fan of X-Men. I really am. Even as bad as X3 was, I found parts in it I dug. I felt it tried to give us too many super powers, without the story. So, going into Wolverine, I figured, they couldn't do worse than that, but didn't expect too much more. I like Wolverine, but felt three movies that mostly centered on him was a bit much, especially as big as the universe of characters is. But a new mutant movie is just that, so I did my civic nerd duty, and went and saw it. Midnight style, as I had the previous two. I was excited that I was going to see Deadpool AND Gambit (who was my favorite as a kid.) So going in with a X3 mindset, I was pleased to find that I really dug the movie. Sure there were a couple of holes here and there, but I had also just watched X2, and that really added to it.

Straight off the bat, Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) was amazing. His one liners were right on, and his action scene at the beginning was pretty effin' cool. I was also super happy to see Fred Dukes aka The Blob get some screen time. He seems like an underappreciated character, but he knocks some guys around. The movie was also laced with references, especially to X2, but they weren't spoon fed to you. If you caught glimpse of something then for the most part, it was put there for you to find.

Now some of the CGI wasn't at the top of it's game, and that's something the mouth breathers sitting next to us made sure everyone in the theater heard. They also made sure to narrate the rest of the hour and a half, but that's another story, and another stroke. Gambit was pretty cool, however, the cajun accent left something to be wanted. Anyways, I had fun during this roundabout, and as always, there's a scene after the credits. It's really not much, but just so you know it's there. Don't go in expecting "The Dark Knight", but it's no ''Batman and Robin" either.

Looks like Trek's next....

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