May 04, 2009

Pork is the King of Meats

So how about pork! I was at the Pecan Street Festival here in beautiful Austin, Texas, when I saw a "free pork" tent. Naturally I hopped in line, but when I saw the ad campaign they were using, it felt like they were trying waaay too hard. Woooo pork! Still trying to work on the website. Kind of. I've been super busy. Haven't had much of a chance to do anything.

Anyway, I caught whiff that Dungeons and Dragons is giving out the starter files for fourth edition. I really have been wanting to play, but I don't have too many friends who want to learn some new rules. Anyway, I'm looking forward to Star Trek Friday, and I'm still stoked about seeing Terminator. So much that for my photoshop class here at school I doctored up some ads for Skynet. Check 'em out.

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