April 21, 2009

What a Week

Geez. So last week, my step dad had heart surgery. They had to remove some plaque. Guess he didn't brush twice a day. I drove back to San Antonio last night, to see him and my Michigander uncle and aunt. They said to get to his heart, they sliced him open and pulled everything out. That was kinda weird. I got some pics throughout the day. Saw this one on the elevator:


Then we headed over to "Natural Bridge Caverns", something I've always driven by on the way to San An but never went. It was neat. The caverns had some cool names ( Grendel's Pit, Valley of the Fallen Lords. I even drank from the "River Styx"). Waaay bigger than Austin's Dinky caverns...

It was really humid for a cave. Anywayzz, afterwards we went antiquing in New Braunfels ( I saw some really cool stuff I wanted, like a wooden pipe and some Sweeney Todd Style blades). This kind of struck me as odd though:

I know it's an old book, but still caught me off guard. I grabbed a coupla ish-es of old Starlogs, that still referred to the third movie of the holiest of trilogies as "Revenge of the Jedi". I needed to grab 'em. Anyway, I came home, and speaking of Intergalactic Civil War (gentrification?) found this link on redoing the entire prequel trilogy. Pretty good stuff. If only, right? Anyhoo, I'm watchin' Empire right now, waiting to fall asleep.

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