April 03, 2017


I've gotten back to sketching now and again, and it's ruhl nice. Trying not to think too much and just put stuff out there. I mean, when I'm not on Breath of the Wild for 4 hours. Sic. In fact I specifically put this song on in the background because I've been listening to Zelda music entirely, apologetically too much. Anyway!

I love lounge culture a ton. I'm a big fan of 50s mod cartoon and lowbrow art, dig? I love the idea of Astro Pop so much. You'd think it was the Jetson's but really, what got me into it was Smash Mouth's Astro Lounge that really got me into the vibes. I envision some galactic cocktail slinging speakeasy, just on the otherside of Saturn.

Robits scare me. No, for real. AI sort of gives me the heebie-dang-jeebies in an uncanny valley sort of way. It's unnatural, and we're not learning the Goldblumian lessons taught to us by our forefathers. Here are some fun one's that may work in the kitchen at Interstella's.

We've been coming up with some Urban Legends that we like to think the kids of our neighborhood know. Like Little Stick Man or the chimneyskrimmnler. Somewhere I have a sketch of Limon-Bruja and the dragonfly kids.

I had a Spook Troops concept of Oswald talking to a dead kid. I doodled some variants.

Gosh darn, Wizard's have been on my mind. Lil orange guy overthere is Piko Fizzlebottom from a webcomic I've tried to write like 4 times. Oh well.

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