August 27, 2013

Haunted House Design

So on the long list of odd jobs I've had, one of my favorites was working in the haunted house industry. My last year in it, I got to work full time. I started concept design (of sets, costumes, characters and storylines). Then we got to build and dress the sets, and from there I became default costume designer for the "Cursed" attraction. I've got more pics somewhere. When I find them, I'll throw them up here.

Designed and produced the Captain's costume (sans the mask). I even named him.

Here's the witch doctor; I created the head dress. J'coomsloot was his name, I think.

The whole team had a hand in carving and painting the cavern walls.

I conceptualized the remains of a statue's hand from eras long lost.

More set dressing.

The set work was a team effort. It's hard to pinpoint who did exactly what in most places.

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